8 tips to pay less for your car insurance

8 tips to pay less for your car insurance

An old car

Benefiting an old car over 5 years old and over 100,000 km makes it possible to take out third-party insurance that is less expensive than all-risk insurance.

A slight motorization

The idea of motorization is essential and must be taken into account, indeed, acquire a small engine capacity reduces the rating of insurance.

The motorization of a car is the criterion that will or will not ensure the car but also that will vary the price.

Many young people are attracted to big cars. However, young drivers’ auto insurance takes into account risk management and can then refuse to insure a young driver with a powerful car. Also, legally, there is no regulation on this subject.

For those who wish, it is possible to find young driver insurance for a powerful car. The majority of insurance companies believe that a vehicle is powerful from 6 tax horsepower if the insurer agrees to insure the vehicle the auto insurance will nevertheless have a relatively high cost.

Subscribe to a basic method

For young drivers, the select of a third-party formula is appropriate. Though, it is important to check some points of coverage such as:

Personal insurance of the driver

The reparation ceiling must be sufficient to guarantee serious claims.

It is also important to consider adding options such as ice break insurance that will save the young driver change in the event of a tragedy.

Do not report all claims

In the event of a minor, responsible accident (broken headlight, scratches, dented body, broken flashing, etc.), not declaring the damage and taking over the repairs will allow the young driver not to suffer a penalty.

Insure your car at kilometer

The kilometer insurance provides insurance at a lower cost. It is based on three essential principles:

A lesser charge if you do not use your car for your effort

Fixed forms modified to the movements of small riders

Promoting per kilometer (installation of a control box in the car)

Increase your franchise

The deductible is the sum that remains the duty of the young driver following a calamity and which is not compensated by the insurer. For each incident, the sum of the deductible must be indicated on the contract; this can be in the form:

Of a fixed sum (ex: 300 €)

A percentage of the amount of reparation

A combination of fixed sum and ratio (e.g., 10% of the allowance with a ceiling of 200 €).

If you have no assertions, increasing your franchise can be very interesting for the cost of your auto insurance.

An anti-theft device to reduce the price

If the young driver equips his vehicle with an anti-theft system (steering wheel lock, alarm, Anti-theft gear box), he will have to warn his car insurance billing in support and thus will be able to benefit from a reduction.

Compare insurance

All car insurance young drivers are different and operate through their mode of calculation so that the rates may vary from one company to another. However, all insurances take into account the same criteria which are:

The age

The bonus/mauls

The model and the power of the car

The place of residence

Prices can differ greatly from one insurance to another and that for the same guarantees, it is essential to compare different insurance. Thus, the use of an online comparator can significantly reduce the price of car insurance.

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